Extra Sheet of Activodes

With each ActivodesCharger you purchase in the form of lightPORTRAIT or lightCODE or lightPRINTS you receive a specific amount of A4 sheet(s) with metallic Activodes to surround yourself with and use in your daily lightPORTAL practice.

If you would like to get more Activodes, there is no need to purchase another ActivodesCharger to get an extra sheet.

You can simply purchase it right here and save money for some delicious ice-cream.

If you would like to get more personalized sets of Activodes for your lightPORTRAIT or lightCODE, please send us an email for more information.

Please know that any Activodes cannot be activated without YOU and your ActivodesCharger. The exception is when a set of Activodes is time-limited for special cases or events such as lightRITUAL or lightADVENTURE.

After you purchase Extra sheet(s) of Activodes to surround yourself with, activate only those you will use right away. Keep any extra sheets with Activodes for a later activation.

Follow your lightPORTAL Guide for the activation of your newly purchased Activodes.

All you need to know

  • Normally shipped within 2-4 business days - not shipped over the weekend or during the Czech public holidays.
  • All lightPORTAL material CANNOT be reprinted, duplicated or used for business purposes.
  • No refunds, exchanges or cancellations available. The purchase is final.
  • Shipping is NOT included.
  • Packaging is included in the price.
  • For delivery outside of the EU, your order may be subject to import taxes, duties, or tariffs upon delivery. Any additional cost is the recipient's responsibility and GoldenSunlight s.r.o. has no control over any extra fees. Contact your local customs office for assistance and further information. Please note, that we do not ship any orders as a ‘gift’ for export purposes as this would be an illegal practice.